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Multimedia in HTML

In this lecture we learn about Multimedia.

What is Multimedia?

Interactive media comes in various arrangements. It can be nearly anything you can hear or see. Cases: Images, music, sound, recordings, records, movies, livelinesss, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Website pages regularly contain interactive media components of various sorts and arrangements. In this section you will find out about the diverse mixed media positions.

Browser Support:

The first web browsers had support for text only, limited to a single font in a single color. Later came browsers with support for colors and fonts, and images! Audio, video, and animation have been handled differently by the major browsers. Different formats have been supported, and some formats require extra helper programs (plug-ins) to work. Hopefully this will become history. HTML5 multimedia promises an easier future for multimedia.

Multimedia Formats:

Interactive media components (like sound or video) are put away in media records. The most widely recognized approach to find the kind of a record, is to take a gander at the document expansion.

Interactive media records have groups and distinctive expansions like:

  • .swf
  • .wav
  • .mp3
  • .mp4
  • .mpg
  • .wmv
  • .avi
Format File Description
MPEG .mpg
MPEG. Created by the Moving Pictures Expert Group. The main prevalent video organize on the web. Used to be bolstered by all programs, however it is not upheld in HTML5 (See MP4).
AVI .avi AVI (Audio Video Interleave). Created by Microsoft. Regularly utilized as a part of camcorders and TV equipment. Plays well on Windows PCs, however not in web programs.
WMV .wmv WMV (Windows Media Video). Created by Microsoft. Usually utilized as a part of camcorders and TV equipment. Plays well on Windows PCs, yet not in web programs.
QuickTime .mov QuickTime. Created by Apple. Normally utilized as a part of camcorders and TV equipment. Plays well on Apple PCs, however not in web programs. (See MP4)
RealVideo .rm
RealVideo. Created by Real Media to permit video gushing with low data transmissions. It is as yet utilized for online video and Internet TV, yet does not play in web programs.
Flash .swf
Flash. Created by Macromedia. Regularly requires an additional segment (module) to play in web programs.
Ogg .ogg Theora Ogg. Created by the Xiph.Org Foundation. Bolstered by HTML5.
WebM .webm WebM. Created by the web mammoths, Mozilla, Opera, Adobe, and Google. Upheld by HTML5.
or MP4
.mp4 MP4. Created by the Moving Pictures Expert Group. In light of QuickTime. Usually utilized as a part of more current camcorders and TV equipment. Bolstered by all HTML5 programs. Prescribed by YouTube.


Audio Formats:

MP3 is the most current configuration for compacted recorded music. The term MP3 has turned out to be synonymous with computerized music.

On the off chance that your site is about recorded music, MP3 is the decision. Only MP3, WAV, and Ogg audio are supported by the HTML5 standard.

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