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Low Level Language – Programming Languages

In this Lecture We Learn Low Level Language.

Programming Languages

A set of words, symbols and codes used to write programs is called program language. Different programming languages are available for writing different types of programs. Some languages are specially used for writing business program, other are used for writing scientific programs etc.

There are two types of computer programming languages:

  1. Low-level languages
  2. High-level languages

1. Low-level languages

These languages are near to computer hardware and far from human languages. Computer can understand these languages easily. Writing a program in low-level languages requires a deep knowledge of the internal structure of computer hardware. Two Low-level languages are machine language and assembly language.

a. Machine Language

A  type of language in which instructions are written in binary form is called machine language. It is the only language that is directly understood by the computer. It is the fundamental language of the computer.

Program written in machine language can be executed very fast by the computer. Program written in machine language are machine-dependent. Every computer has its own machine language. Machine language is difficult to understand. Writing and modifying program in machine language takes a lot of time. Machine language is also known as first generation  language.

b. Assembly Language

Assembly language is a low-level language. It is one step higher than machine language. In assembly language, symbols are used instead of binary code. These symbols are called mnemonics. For example Sub instruction is used to subtract two numbers.

Assembly language is also called symbolic language. Program written in assembly language are easier to write and modify than machine language. Assembly language is mostly used for writing system software. Assembly language is also known as second generation language.

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