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Introduction To Programming – What is programming?

Introduction to Programming

Problem Solving:-

Problem Solving is a process of identifying a problem and finding the best solution for it. Problem solving is a skill that can be developing by the following a well organized approach. We solve different problem in our life. Every problem is different in its nature. Some problems are very difficult and require more attention to identify the solution. A problem may be solved in different ways. One solution may be faster, less expensive and more reliable then others. it is important to select the best suitable solution.
              Different strategies, technique and tools are used to solve the problems. Computers are used as a tool to solve complex problems by developing computer programs, Computer programs contain different instruction for computer. A programmer writes instructions and computer run these instructions to solver the problem. A person can be good programmer if he has the skill of solving the problems. Different problems-solving techniques are as follows:-
  1. Program
  2. Algorithm
  3. Flowchart ETC.
Now we Discuss These techniques in details.


A set of instruction that tells a computer what to do is called Program.  A computer works according to the given instructions in the program. Computer programs are written in the programming languages. A person who develops a program is called programmer. The programmer develops programs to instruct the computer how to process data to convert into information. Programmer uses programming languages to write programs.

Advantages of Computer Program:-

Different Advantages of computer program are as follows:-
  1. A computer program can solve many problems by giving instructions to computer.
  2. A computer program can be used to perform a task repeatedly and quickly.
  3. A computer program can process a large amount of data.
  4. it can display the results in different styles.

Algorithms & Pseudo Code:-

An algorithm is a step by step procedure to solve a problem. The process of solving a problem becomes simpler and easier with help of algorithm. it is better to write algorithm before writing tha actual computer program.
Properties of algorithm:- 
Following are some properties of algorithm:-
  1. The given problem should be broken down into simple and meaningful steps.
  2. the steps should be numbered sequentially.
  3. the steps should be descriptive and written in simple English.
Algorithm are written in a language that is similar to simple English called Pseudo Code. There is no standard to write Pseudo Code. it is used to specify program logic in an English like manner that  is independent of any particular programming languages.
Pseudo code simplifies program development by separating it into two main parts.
  1. Logic Design
  2. Coding
We discuss these parts in details
1. Logic Design:-
              In this part, the logic of the program is designed. We specify different steps required to solve the problems and the sequence of these steps.
2. Code:- 
           In this part, the algorithm is converted into a program. The steps of algorithm ate translated into instructions of any programming language.
               the use of pseudo code allows the programmer to focus on the planning of the program. After the planning is final, it can be written in any programming language.
Examples of Algorithm:-

Example No.1

The following algorithm inputs two numbers, calculates sum and the displays the result on screen.

  1. start
  2. input A
  3. input B 
  4. Total = A+B
  5. Display total
  6. Exit
Example No.2
The following algorithm inputs radius from the user and calculates the area of circle.
(Hint: Area = 3.14*radius*radius)
  1. Start
  2. input radius in r
  3. area=3-14* r*r
  4. print area
  5. End

Advantages of algorithm:-

Some advantages of algorithm are as follows:-
1. Reduced Complexity
        Writing algorithm and program separately simplifies the overall task by dividing it into two simpler tasks.
2. Increased Flexibility:-
         algorithm is written so that the code may be written in any language. using the algorithm, the program could be written in Visual Basic, Java, or C++ etc.
3. Ease of understanding:-
            it is not necessary to understand a particular programming language to understand an algorithm. it is written in an English like number.
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