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First assignment has been uploaded.

Audio file is available with name “Assignment NO 1 Fall 2017” on LMS’s download section. Please find attachment.

Dear Students

As you are well aware with the basic concepts of Software engineering1. You have studied about software requirements, role and importance of requirements, issues occur due to inadequate requirement process, levels of requirements including business, user, functional and nonfunctional requirements along with the way to convert one to another with the help of “word processing” example. At the end, you have studied requirement statement characteristics. You have also studied about vision statement and defining scope of project with the help of context diagram. This process contains brainstorming. Then, you came up with Use Case modeling- an effective technique to understand business domain. So for, you have studied many concepts about Analysis and Design of applications.

Now, it’s time to utilize these concepts in real time environment. The outcome of this whole concept understanding and its actual implementation in real time application is “to get an insight understanding and capture actual user requirements”. What is the system, who are the stakeholders, what they actually want, and user studies?

You will be given an understanding of some business requirements of a real time application.


Let suppose, ministry of child labor want to develop an application for children, who don’t go to school. These children work on different shops, hotels, factories, workshops, stores, stitching centers etc. It is the policy of government to let them learn at their own workplace. For this, officials are thinking about to develop a smartphone application, which can easy to download and install on different mobile devices.

This mobile application will help those children to study, understand and learn basic Urdu and English words, their vocabulary and applications without teacher or with minimum support.

Now, in order to capture such requirements from actual user (children), there requires a comprehensive user study for accurate extraction of user requirements. To conduct user study,

following steps will be taken:

  1. There is a need to interact with children,
  2. There requires an understanding of children mental model, learning methods.
  3. Observe how children complete their assigned tasks while working on different shops.
  4. Note down how children understands and learn about the tasks assigned to him/her and how quickly and effectively perform and complete task assigned by his/her shop owner.
  5. Note down hurdles/difficulties in step 4.
  6. Note Down the causes of these hurdles/difficulties.
  7. Ask child to tell in which day he/she preformed best. Ask the reason and identify causes.
  8. Ask child to tell in which day he/she preformed least. Ask the reason and identify causes.
  9. Ask children about his/her favorite task/game/play. Which he/she wants to do happily, accurately and quickly?
  10. Ask children about his/her unlike task/game/play. Which he/she don’t want to do happily, accurately and quickly?
  11. Do children have some understanding about mobile device and mobile application?
  12. Which mobile device he/she used?
  13. What applications he/she used and for what purpose?
  14. Does he/she want to learn?
  15. Does the child think that learning is the necessity?

This is all about user studies. User studies concepts and its implementation will provide to you via an audio and text file.

You are required to visit at least one such a child at his/her workplace and capture actual user requirements.

Business requirements have been discussed in detail in above scenario. You are required to capture user requirements and then, transform those requirements into Functional and Non-Functional requirements.

So, it is recommended to listen audio file before solving this assignment. Audio file will upload with name “Assignment NO 1 Fall 2017”.

You can access via LMS from” Download” Section.


Every male student should visit to a child in real time environment and ask relevant questions and then fill up table below:

Every female student has two options. Either visit to a labor child or interact with any child at home/relatives/neighbor who don’t go to school and after understanding children’s mental model, fill up the table below:

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