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Basic Of HTML – Introduction to HTML

in this lecture we learn about Basic Of HTML. Don’t Worry if these Examples are use tags. we study about these tags in our next coming lectures
in this lecture we use tags just for understand basic of HTML.

HTML Document 

all Document of HTML start with document type <!DOCTYPE html>. 
HTML Document start with its name <html> and </html>. remember that all opening tag must have its closing tag. For Example <html> this is opening tag and closing tag is same as opening tag but we use /  sign to close any tag </html>. so tag have no closing tags. For Example <br> have no closing tag. The visible part of HTML Document is in <body> </body> tag. 
For Example:-

<!DOCTYPE html>

   <h1>My First Heading</h1>
   <p>My first paragraph.</p>


HTML Heading Tags:- 

HTML Heading tags are define with <h1> to <h6>
<h1> is tha largest tag and <h6> is the smallest Heading tag.

<h1>This is heading 1</h1><h2>This is heading 2</h2><h3>This is heading 3</h3><h4>This is heading 1</h4><h5>This is heading 2</h5><h6>This is heading 3</h6>

You can see This Example in the Image blow.

HTML Paragraphs:-

HTML paragraphs are Defines with <p>  </p> tag
For Example:- 
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
<p>This is another paragraph.</p>
You can see OutPut Of this Example in Image
You Can Also Use HTML Online Editor For Prectice

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